Teeth Whitening Stourbridge

Brighter, whiter teeth in no time

Teeth whitening is one the easiest, most cost effective and long-lasting ways of giving your smile – and your confidence – a real lift. Confident, natural smiles boost morale because when we look good, we feel good. Tooth whitening can make a real difference to your appearance and self-esteem and it gives our dentists real pleasure to be able to provide this service for our patients. Tooth Whitening, with the correct maintenance, is designed to last a lifetime.

Look good, feel good!

We offer in-surgery tooth whitening for instant brightness in less than an hour, and tooth whitening kits, complete with ultra-thin, custom-made whitening trays and gels, that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

  • Whitening is carried out by trained professionals
  • Boosts smiles by up to eight shades
  • Treatment is safe, quick and comfortable
  • Whitening can last a lifetime
  • Top ups can be carried out at home

What are the benefits of whiter teeth?

There are all sorts of reasons that the teeth lose their sparkle, such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine and eating certain foods, including curries. The ageing process also leads to duller, darker teeth. Tooth whitening at the Lion Dental Centre will help rid the teeth of stains, giving you a brighter, whiter smile and a boost to your confidence.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Tooth whitening can last a lifetime, once you have your trays, you can whiten your teeth for years to come by simply purchasing additional whitening gel.

How can I ensure the best results?

We recommend a thorough hygiene session with air polishing first, before you start tooth-whitening treatment. Air polishing gently rids the teeth of stubborn stains to restore your teeth to their natural colour by using air, water and a fine, flavoured powder. Treatment is painless and will really enhance the final result of tooth whitening and help the effects last longer.

Does treatment hurt?

Not, not at all. Tooth whitening is a completely pain-free treatment. Some patients do experience some sensitivity immediately afterwards but this is only short term.

How do I look after my new smile?

Here at the Lion Dental Centre, we only use the best materials for long-lasting and natural results. To keep your new teeth looking their absolute best, it’s important to stick to a good daily oral routine and attend regular appointments with our hygienists. We will also advise you what foods and drinks to avoid just after your treatment for the best results.

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Lion Dental Centre Lion Dental Centre
Home Tooth Whitening £350.00
Zoom £700.00
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