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How to Improve Your Smile With 5 Easy Tips

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Many surveys have made the claim that roughly 50% of people believe a smile is a person’s most memorable feature. It’s the thing you remember most when you meet someone for the first time and helps inform you how you feel about that person.

Think of someone you know who has a great smile. It displays their teeth, reaches their eyes and reveals the warmth of their personality, right? What does your smile say about you? Is it open and friendly, or does it give out a signal that you’re trying to hide something from others? If it’s the latter, could this be because you’re trying to conceal your imperfect teeth?

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Do you know when you should see a dentist?

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Dental phobia is real and it’s stopping a large percentage of the British population from visiting the dentist. Did you know that 25% of Brits confess to not having seen a dentist in the last two years, but what sort of impact can this have on your oral and general health?

When we brush our teeth, we are effectively removing food deposits that we didn’t swallow from our last meal. If food deposits are not effectively removed by your toothbrush, they can lead to tooth decay; which may need a filling in the short term, and may even lead to tooth loss in the long term.

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Adult Braces in Stourbridge

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As adult braces become more discreet, their usage increases and here in Stourbridge, there are plenty of adult braces options. Even if you’ve had perfectly straight teeth for most of your life, you might be surprised to discover your teeth shifting in their positions. This happens to a lot of people naturally over the years and is due to the many biting, chewing (and occasionally grinding) movements you make over your lifetime.

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Finding the right Dentist in Stourbridge

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The Stourbridge Lion locomotive was a pioneering train in America. Proud of our Black Country heritage, we named our dental practice after this innovation, because we adopt a similarly forward-thinking approach to teeth.


We want our patients to benefit from the very latest in dental techniques, technology and equipment. If you’re looking for a new dentist in Stourbridge to fix a specific dental concern or general tooth problems as and when they arise, let us help you ask the right questions of the dentists you approach.

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How often should I visit the dentist?

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Dental hygiene is important. When you go for a check up, you might notice that your teeth look cleaner afterwards, but perhaps you don’t understand fully the vital role a hygienist plays in preventing gum disease and toothloss. Our hygienist here in Stourbridge has examined a lot of dental problems that could have been easily avoided.

We all know we should brush our teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. We’re taught this at school and our parents reinforced it, so we’re all brushing our teeth twice a day daily, right? Wrong! According to a National Smile Month survey 1 in 4 adults admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day and 1 in 10 adults admit they regularly forget to brush their teeth at all!

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Lion Dental – What do dentists do during a scale and polish?

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A scale and polish at our Stourbridge dental practice is a simple, non-time-consuming and painless procedure that may be a little unpleasant for some patients, but can prevent you from serious health and dental problems in the future.

People underestimate the importance of keeping their teeth healthy. According to a National Smile Month survey, a quarter of adults in the UK say they haven’t had a dental check up in over 2 years! If those people knew that having a regular dental check up could greatly reduce their chances of getting diabetes, heart disease or having a low-birth-weight baby, there is probably a good chance the amount of people booking regular hygienist appointments would increase substantially.  Read More…

How dentures can restore your smile

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Dental technology in Stourbridge has come a long way since dentures were kept in a glass beside the bed. These days, dentures are so discreet that you probably have acquaintances who wear them, but you just had no idea. We can now restore your smile with dental implants so you’re not just equipped with the practical means to eat and speak, but also your smile will look like your former, beautiful smile; consisting of a completely natural looking set of teeth with no gaps, which you don’t have to remember to take out and put in.

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What are the differences between all the Invisalign kits?

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Invisalign is a revolutionary braces system for effective and discreet tooth straightening. These braces can fix many different complex tooth alignment problems, including overbite, underbite, overcrowding or protruding teeth. Invisalign is a buzz word brand in dentistry at the moment simply because of the advantages it offers its users.

The clear aligners that you’ll wear over your teeth are so discreet, that many people you speak to are unlikely to be aware that you’re even wearing a tooth straightening device. You can remove the braces at mealtimes and to clean your teeth, so there won’t be the problems with food lingering, which is so often the case with some of the more traditional orthodontic braces.

So, we’ve established why customers like Invisalign, and why 3 million people have had them fitted worldwide, so let’s have a look at the particular Invisalign system that’s going to best suit you.

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Care Plan: What is it and how can Lion Dental help?

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Dental treatment is a necessary expense, but what are the alternatives to having dental treatment when you need it? A mouthful of missing teeth? Horrendous toothache that is so bad shop-bought painkillers don’t work? Unsightly crooked teeth, that make it impossible for you to look at a photo of yourself? You don’t need to live with teeth that hurt, or reduce the confidence you have in your appearance. Our care plan makes dental treatment affordable for everyone.

We don’t know what will happen in the future that may cause us to need dental attention, whether it’s an emergency, an accident, or general wear and tear, but if you have a care plan, you will at least know you can find the money to pay your dental bill when the unexpected takes place.

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Lion Dental Centre – Which orthodontic braces are right for me?

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A 2011 study looked at the different ways in which adults with straight and crooked teeth were perceived. The results were dramatic. People with straight teeth were perceived by far more people to be happier, healthier, friendly, more popular, more trustworthy and have higher self-esteem. What’s more, this perception translated into real world benefits for those with straighter teeth, in that they were offered jobs more frequently, usually with more money and enjoyed more dating success, given the fact that they were considered more attractive.

Anybody can have straighter teeth. It’s a very achievable goal and if you’re in Stourbridge looking for orthodontic treatment, the Lion Dental Centre can help. In this post we’re going to look at the different, effective means of straightening teeth we offer here.

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