Proven Imaging Precision.

At Lion Dental Centre, we always provide a high-quality service with the latest technology in dentistry. The most popular treatment we pride ourselves on is the Invisalign brace. With modern, clear aligners we aim to make your teeth-straightening journey as comfortable as possible, and reduce any interference with your daily life. Now, we have enhanced the Invisalign experience with the astounding iTero Scanner.

Traditionally when fitting a brace, the patient would bite into putty to gage the most accurate mold for their brace and retainer. Although it can provide a sound result, many patients find it uncomfortable and this method can typically add a week long wait in-between appointments. This is where our state of the art iTero Scanner shines.

One of the incredible features of the iTero Scanner is the development in accuracy. Invisalign journeys that begin with an iTero scan as opposed to traditional impressions have seven times fewer fitting issues, meaning our patients can trust Lion Dental Centre to provide a treatment with outstanding precision. As teeth are scanned onto a screen for dentist and patient to observe, 2D images are captured in colour with a 3D laser for high accuracy.

The iTero Scanner is a fantastic option for nervous patients, who find dental procedures invasive and distressing. We have always done everything we can to put our anxious patients at ease, and the Itero Scanner is an added convenience to their experience. Once your teeth have been scanned the patient’s part in this section of the procedure is done.

After the scan has been reviewed, your orthodontist will transfer them to Invisalign. There the aligners will be produced with the utmost attention to detail. Lion Dental Centre patients can always expect superb experience with Itero Scanner, and our insightful Orthodontists will happily assist you with any queries that you may have.

“Staff are always friendly and helpful. Appointments are very easy to make, accommodating my working hours. Lovely clean building. Quality magazines in waiting room make the experience more relaxing. Thank you.”