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Teeth are vitally important. They help us eat, chew and digest our food; they enable us to talk and pronounce our words; they help to give our face its shape and of course, healthy teeth look attractive when we smile. There are lots of reasons to look after our teeth and visiting the dental hygienist is one strategy for helping us to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. All new patients should expect their initial visit with the dental hygienist to be a little longer than usual. If you are new to our practice, haven’t visited a dental hygienist before, or haven’t done so for a while, your care may need to be spread out over a few separate appointments depending on your gum health needs.

How do we keep our teeth and gums healthy?

The main enemy is plaque and the efficient and regular removal of plaque is the most important factor in keeping our mouths healthy. Your hygienist is specially trained to help you achieve a healthy mouth by efficient cleaning, excellent home care regimes and promoting a healthy diet.

Regular visits are vital

Our standard sessions with the dental hygienist at our dental practice in Stourbridge are 20 minutes in length. During your appointment our dental hygienists will thoroughly remove any plaque and tartar that has built up on your enamel and polish your teeth to improve their lustre.

Visiting the hygienist should be an important part of your overall health routine, especially as research links gum disease to arthritis, oral cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, lung disease, stillbirths and premature and low birth-weight babies.

Booking a hygienist appointment is simple. Just fill out our contact form or call us on and we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you at our dentist in Stourbridge.

Membership that maintains health

Hygiene therapy works well as part of our Client Care Plans as the cost of appointments is spread evenly throughout the year, at a discounted rate.

We also stock a comprehensive range of dental care products and a member of our friendly team is always at hand to show you which products are best for your mouth and to explain how to use them.


How much does it cost to see the hygienist?

A routine appointment is £60.00. More extensive cleans are needed if you have not seen a hygienist for a while and have a large build-up of calculus or you have gum disease. An extensive visit is £85.00. Plan patients get hygienist cleans included in their dental plan so do not pay for appointments unless they are extra ones on the plan.

How often do I need to see a dental hygienist?

Everyone develops calculus at a different rate. Your dentist and hygienist can recommend a suitable recall period for you based on your oral health. Patients can come as frequently as every 3 months if they have a high level of calculus buildup or are in Invisalign treatment as good oral hygiene is of high importance in Invisalign wearers.

What does a hygienist clean involve?

Your hygienist in Stourbridge will scale your teeth removing calculus and staining that has built up on the teeth. They will use a mixture of techniques including a water ultrasonic scaler and hand scalers. They will also then polish your teeth. Oral hygiene instruction will be given too on how best to improve your oral hygiene regime at home.

What is calculus?

When plaque is left on the teeth and not removed efficiently with brushing it hardens and turns to calculus. Once plaque has calcified it cannot be removed with brushing alone. A hygienist clean is needed to remove it. The hygienist uses specific instruments to remove it.

Will it hurt?

A hygienist clean will not be painful for most people. It can sometimes be sensitive. If you do experience sensitivity make sure you tell your dental hygienist as they can try alternative methods. Often it is the suction that causes sensitivity so hand scalers can be used instead. In extreme cases or where deeper cleaning is needed topical anaesthetic and/or local anaesthetic can be used to make the experience more comfortable.


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