23rd February 2017

Adult Braces in Stourbridge

As adult braces become more discreet, their usage increases and here at our dental practice in Stourbridge, there are plenty of adult braces options. Even if you’ve had perfectly straight teeth for most of your life, you might be surprised to discover your teeth shifting out of their original position. This happens to a lot of people naturally over the years and is due to the many biting, chewing (and occasionally grinding) movements you make over your lifetime.

When your teeth start to move out of place, you might find that their new, less attractive position bothers you when you look in the mirror and it may even affect your confidence when it comes to smiling. You’ll be happy to hear that problem can be easily corrected; often with only a short treatment time.

Adult metal braces in stourbridge smiling

Your adult braces options in Stourbridge

Every person’s set of teeth is unique, that’s why when you come for a dental examination we can advise you what type of brace will be more acceptable to use for your alignment issues. Here’s an overview of the different types of adult braces we can provide from our Stourbridge dentist.

Fixed braces

Our fixed braces are discreet traditional-style braces, consisting of clear brackets bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth and a tooth-coloured wire connecting them. After an initial adjustment period, they should feel quite comfortable. They will remain in your mouth for the duration of the treatment time and be cleaned using careful brushing techniques. Extremely effective, they guide your teeth into position using a gentle, but firm force, resulting in a restoration of your straight-toothed smile. The treatment time varies according to the alignment issue being corrected, but you may well be wearing them for over a year.

Six Month Smiles

This leading brand of fast braces corrects issues with the front 6 teeth in your mouth over an average treatment time of just 6 months. Again they consist of clear brackets and wires but are applied only to the front of the mouth. If your corrections need to be made to the ‘social 6’ teeth at the front of your mouth; the teeth which are revealed when you smile, then Six Month Smiles may be ideal for you. Six Month Smiles start from £1500 and we also offer 0% finance. 

Invisalign clear braces

A leading brand in removable braces, Invisalign clear aligners look like thin mouthguards worn snugly over the teeth. They are custom-made, virtually invisible and removed when you eat or brush your teeth. During your treatment, you will wear a number of different aligners, each designed to drag your teeth a little further into position. The journey of your teeth is like a relay race, with each aligner performing its own particular task. Invisalign has treated over 4 million orthodontic patients worldwide and treats a large range of misalignment problems.

Why not contact us today or visit our expert orthodontist, Francesca Dash, for more advice? A simple consultation with Francesca, who is one of the most highly qualified Invisalign providers in the country, will give you an idea of the treatment that can be provided, how straight we can get your smile and the costs involved.

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