9th April 2019

All about Implant-Retained Dentures

Single dental implants are very effective at filling the gap left by one missing tooth or multiple at different places in the mouth. They’re sturdy and reliable, but by no definition are they the only means of replacing a missing tooth, especially if you have multiple missing teeth in succession or no teeth. Implant-retained dentures are a reliable way of restoring form and function to your mouth and are much more reliable than temporary dentures. If you’ve not encountered implant retained dentures before then you’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you all about them!

What are implant retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are fairly self-explanatory – they are realistic dentures secured in your jawbone using dental implants with titanium roots. These dentures are fixed to your dental implant roots but can be ‘unclipped’ to remove them for cleaning. This means they combine the best of both worlds in that, when fixed to the roots, they are sturdy and reliable, but they can be unclipped and removed should you choose to.

An implant retained denture

The benefits of implant retained dentures

✓ Diet and lifestyle.

Implant retained dentures mean that you no longer have to limit your diet in order to support your unreliable traditional races. Chewy or excessively hard foods may cause you a problem, but generally speaking, you will be able to enjoy foods you previously couldn’t.

✓ Permanence.

Implant-retained dentures are held in place by titanium roots fused with your jawbone. This means they don’t require glue or adhesive to remain strong. Denture glue is often unpleasant in taste, texture, and sensation and is often messy. Implant retained dentures mean there’s no need for this kind of foul-tasting sticky mess.

✓ Confidence.

The embarrassing slip of traditional dentures when laughing, talking, or chewing can make you feel self-conscious in any social situation. Even if they don’t slip, constantly pre-empting their next dislodging can make it difficult to relax. A fixed implant retained denture helps you feel confident in social situations again, as they won’t slip or come loose at the worst of times.

How implants improve your jawbone health

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone stops receiving signals from that tooth and therefore assumes that it is no longer needed. Bone resorption occurs and it becomes weaker, leading to loss of facial volume, mouth function, and the need for extra bone work in the future should you opt for dental implants at a later date. Implant-retained dentures use a titanium root that fuses with the jaw bone and invites it to heal around it. The bone compacts around this root, giving it a ‘purpose’ again, and your jawbone therefore remains strong and healthy. This is one of the leading reasons we recommend dental implants to those who lose a tooth or multiple teeth, because not only do they improve your quality of life, but they also keep your jaw healthy and strong.

Implant-retained dentures in Stourbridge are the reliable and sturdy solution for those missing multiple, a whole row of, or all of their teeth. If you’d like to find out more about our dental implant services, contact Lion Dental Centre today via our contact page or give us a call on 01384 376336 to book your initial consultation.

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