20th December 2018

Why choose Invisalign for your teeth straightening treatment?

What’s putting you off getting adult braces? You’ve probably always felt embarrassed about the alignment of your teeth you’re reading this now, and you know that having them straightened would not only make you look more attractive but also help you keep your teeth healthier. Straighter teeth mean there are no hidden surfaces where the overlapping occurs, a dental phenomenon that causes food to get trapped; food that is unreachable by your toothbrush exposes you to a higher risk of tooth decay. You might find that you’d benefit from Invisalign…

You may even be aware that multiple studies have shown beautiful smiles are more likely to find you a partner and aid your career prospects? Employers have admitted that the attractiveness and allure of a person’s smile have got them selected over other candidates, whose smiles were simply not as flattering.

If it’s fear of visiting a dentist, or the worry about what people will say about an adult who chooses to wear orthodontic equipment on their teeth for a year-long treatment period, let us reassure you. Invisalign braces are so discreet, comfortable and easy to fit, they slip seamlessly and conveniently into your lifestyle, without you having to feel apprehensive about social occasions, or scared of your next orthodontic appointment! 6 million beautiful Invisalign-created smiles around the world can’t be wrong!

The benefits of wearing Invisalign braces

1. Invisalign braces are discreet

Invisalign are not like fixed braces, which are worn prominently on the front tooth surfaces, made of metal, and involve a very noticeable wire running through the brackets. These traditional-style braces are still great for fixing alignment issues, but they’re not great if you don’t want to draw attention to the treatment your teeth are receiving. They also have a tendency to trap food, are hard to keep clean and when they’re removed may have caused some discolouration to your teeth in the places where you haven’t been able to brush properly for the last few months.

Instead, Invisalign aligner trays look like thin sports mouth-guards. They are clear and designed to fit snugly over the teeth. You’ll have one tray for the top teeth and one tray for the bottom teeth. When they’re in place, they’re hard to detect, but they will be working hard, applying pressure to the teeth in order to shift them into straighter positions.

2. Invisalign are removable

One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that they’re removable. You won’t be wearing them when you eat, or when you brush your teeth. If you’re going out to eat with friends, there’ll be no cause for social embarrassment about getting food caught on your braces, because you won’t even be wearing them! The braces are easy to keep clean. It’s easy to keep your teeth just as clean as they were before. And because they’re custom-made to fit our mouths precisely, you’ll likely forget you’re wearing them!

3. Achieving a new beautiful smile with adult braces

The journey of your teeth from their maligned beginnings to their straighter final positions isn’t completed using just one set of trays. It will be split up into different legs, with each journey leg requiring a new set of trays. When the final tray has been removed you’ll be the proud owner of a more alluring smile.

All you need to do to begin your orthodontic journey into the world of clear adult braces is give us a call to book your initial consultation. Upon meeting you and examining your orthodontic issues, we’ll be able to advise you as to whether you’d be a suitable candidate for Invisalign or not. Curious as to how easy it is to obtain a new smile? Enquire online or give us a call on 01384 376336.

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