18th May 2021

Can Invisalign Fix Protruding Teeth?

As Invisalign experts here in Stourbridge, we’re used to treating all kinds of smiles, transforming them to be straighter, more aesthetic, and even looking more youthful. But while some consider Invisalign to be a purely cosmetic treatment, it can actually help with a variety of bite problems and other concerns. In this post, we’ll talk through each one in turn.

1) Overbite

Also known as ‘protruding teeth’, this is where the top set of teeth overlaps the bottom set. While an overbite is actually quite common, and not usually a concern, if your teeth overlap to an excessive degree, it can cause further problems. In fact, if your top teeth overlap by more than 25%, it can lead to tooth wear and jaw pain. Invisalign is a great way to correct this issue.

Invisalign treatment in Stourbridge

2) Underbite

As you might have guessed, this is the exact opposite of an overbite – where, instead of the top set overlapping the bottom, it’s the bottom teeth sticking out over the top ones. Just like with an overbite, tooth wear can occur if it’s left untreated. But, more worryingly, there’s also a chance of speech problems and even difficulty eating and chewing developing further down the line. Invisalign can help align the teeth correctly.

Underbite invisalign treatment in Stourbridge

3) Crossbite

We often describe this as ‘a bit of both’, where elements of overbite and underbite come into play. It can be much more serious than other bite problems, as due to the positioning of the teeth, it’s possible that notches can form in the gum line, which not only causes pain but can lead to gum problems and even bone loss. As with other bite issues, tooth wear – and even chipping – can be experienced. Invisalign is a great way to treat this.

Crossbite invisalign treatment in Stourbridge

4) Open bite

If your teeth don’t meet when you close your mouth, it’s possible you’ve got an open bite. Chewing and biting food can be problematic if you have this issue. Invisalign can bring the teeth into proper alignment.

Open bite teeth straightening treatment in Stourbridge

5) Crowding and gaps

Both these concerns can impact oral health; gaps trap food while crowding makes it difficult to clean between the teeth. Invisalign can help create the optimum spacing between the teeth for a healthier smile.

Crowding and gaps Invisalign treatment in Stourbridge

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