15th August 2016

Care Plan: What is it and how can Lion Dental help?

Dental treatment is a necessary expense, but what are the alternatives to having dental treatment when you need it? A mouthful of missing teeth? Horrendous toothache that is so bad shop-bought painkillers don’t work? Unsightly crooked teeth, that make it impossible for you to look at a photo of yourself? You don’t need to live with teeth that hurt or reduce the confidence you have in your appearance. Our care plan makes dental treatment affordable for everyone.

We don’t know what will happen in the future that may cause us to need dental attention, whether it’s an emergency, an accident, or general wear and tear, but if you have a care plan, you will at least know you can find the money to pay your dental bill when the unexpected takes place.

What about the NHS?

The NHS is great for providing annual check ups that will keep your mouth healthy to a certain extent. You can even get fillings and some orthodontic treatment, as long as you’re prepared to wait a little longer. However, should you ever need dental implants; artificial teeth which are fitted into the jawbone and give you an alternative to natural teeth, you’ll need to have some private dental care.

Braces are sometimes possible on the NHS, but your choices will be limited. If you want to spend a year or two with metal train track braces correcting your teeth, or those of your kids, that’s fine, but a private dentist will give you more discreet options; braces, which are virtually invisible.

Suffering from chipped or cracked teeth? A private dentist will provide veneers and fillings that are colour-matched to your existing teeth. Are your teeth stained or discoloured? Private teeth whitening treatment will give you professional, natural-looking, long lasting results that are simply not possible with over the counter home whitening kits. With a care plan, you’ll also save money on all treatments.

Spread the costs with the care plan

Here at Lion Dental Care, we make our services affordable to everyone by providing our own in-house care plan. It will help you spread the costs of your dental care over a longer period of time and as the plan includes worldwide accident and emergency insurance for if anything goes wrong, you can sleep a little easier at night.

Our adult plan is just £11.95 per month and includes 2 x dental appointments and 2 x hygiene appointments, as well as 20% off the price of any treatments you receive. Our children’s plan for under 18s costs just £6.25 per month and provides 2 x dental appointments a year, a hygiene appointment and again 20% off treatment.

If you’ve ever experienced the misery that is tooth pain, or you’ve seen the problems others have had with missing teeth, such as difficulty speaking, eating and a prematurely ageing face, we’re sure you’ll appreciate just how much of a saving our care plan represents.

Please get in touch with our dental practice for guidance on how to apply and book your first appointment. Joining up will take just a few minutes and when you need some dental work, you’ll be very glad you did.

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