19th November 2021

Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants – just like any other aspect of your dental health and appearance – shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s really an investment, and to get the best possible return, you need to start in the best possible place – and it all begins with choosing the right dentist.

In today’s post, our expert dentists, based here in Stourbridge, tell you what to look for when choosing the place – and person – to perform your tooth implant procedure. We care about each and every one of our patients and do our best to inform people about all the elements of their treatment. That’s why we’re shining a spotlight on dental implants today.

woman showing off the results of her Dental consultation

Let’s get into it!

So, what should I look for in a dentist?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dentist to carry out your tooth implant procedure is their qualifications. That’s because implantology – the school of science surrounding dental implants – is a specialist area that not every dentist can perform. Our implant dentist, Mario Veltri, has been with us here in Stourbridge for years. After starting in general dentistry, he went on to specialise in dental implants and studied at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, followed by the University of Goteborg.

What else is important?

Our team are all members of the General Dental Council, which monitors and regulates industry professionals, and we’re an award-winning practice, having been recognised for excellence in both cosmetic dentistry and as a general dental practice. We’re also proud to receive so many fantastic, positive reviews from our patients, who share their dental implant experiences here in Stourbridge. Finally, we’re a state-of-the-art surgery that combines comfort with clinical excellence, giving you the best possible outcome for a healthy, happy smile.

What about dentist location?

Location is important, but it’s good to know that, while we’re based here in Stourbridge, we may be able to serve patients further afield with dental implants. It’s certainly worth travelling that little bit further out for excellent care and peace of mind, and we’d recommend it to those who don’t feel their local practice is up to scratch.

What we offer

We’d like to close by saying that we offer dental implant consultations to our patients ahead of any treatment. It’s a chance to get to know the procedure, familiarise yourself with the staff and dental practice, and look over the general health and condition of your mouth, teeth and gums. It’s all done for your comfort and peace of mind. To get in touch with us, simply visit our contact page, where we’ll be happy to book you in for a tooth implant consultation at our clinic near Stourbridge near Stafford

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