21st October 2021

Dentures Vs Bridges

Dental  Dentures

At Lion, our dentists work incredibly hard to provide top treatments to all our patients. But we don’t just carry out premium dental care; we also offer advice and information about a range of procedures and help you to make the best choice for your smile (and the health of your mouth, teeth and gums). Today, we’re going to talk through dentures and bridges, to give you an idea of the differences and similarities, as well the best option for you.

What are dentures?

Dentures are whole sets of false teeth. It might be the upper set, the bottom set, or both sets that need replacing; dentures are a great way to mimic the appearance and function of your natural teeth and go a long way in helping to restore your smile.

What about bridges?

These are a special type of dental apparatus that can be used to replace missing teeth, and ‘fill’ gaps in the smile. Bridges effectively help bridge a gap, hence the name. Usually, with this treatment, you’ll have some natural teeth remaining to serve as anchor points, which will have crowns fitted to the top. The bridge then suspends one or more false teeth between these points. 

Which is the best option for me?

It really depends on how many teeth you’re missing and where. That’s why we invite all our patients to attend a consultation with our dentists here in Stourbridge, so we can work out the best tooth replacement option for you.

Are dentures and bridges removable?

Dentures are removable; bridges are fixed in place. However, you might have heard of implant-retained bridges and dentures. These involve using dental implants, which themselves are permanently fixed to the gums. 

Is it better to have implant-retained apparatus?

Again, it depends on your personal preference. However, many patients find that having dental implants provides greater stability, especially in the case of dentures.

How experienced are you in these treatments?

Extremely! We’ve been serving Stourbridge for years and have treated countless cases of dentures and bridges. Our expert dentists always focus on creating reliable and realistic results, which gives you complete peace of mind when having any treatment with us. 

How do I get in touch about dentures or bridges?

Just visit our contact page to find our details, then call, email or book online to secure a consultation. We’re looking forward to treating you here at our clinic in Stourbridge, near Stafford. 

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