12th April 2021

Does Invisalign Work For Crooked Teeth?

Invisalign has made a name for itself in the dental industry and beyond, owing to its clear, comfortable aligners which straighten teeth quickly, discreetly and with minimal hassle. However, here at Lion Dental Centre, Stourbridge, our Invisalign patients often ask us if the treatment will work on their own smile. While consultation is part and parcel of our Invisalign treatment, we can share general information about it, and the cases it can help to treat. Read on to find out more. 

Woman putting in Invisalign braces in Stourbridge

Treatable cases

When it comes to teeth straightening, you may be simply looking for a cosmetic enhancement, or there could be an underlying problem you wish to correct. Here are some common examples of cases Invisalign can treat:

Crooked teeth – these are often caused by crowding problems, which force teeth into unnatural positions – bunching, twisting, overlapping, or being pushed to the front or back of the mouth. Whatever the case, your oral health could be at risk, as crooked teeth can be harder to clean effectively, and tooth decay and gum disease can set in.

Overbite – this describes top teeth that overhang the bottom set. Most people have an overbite to some degree, but if it’s too large, it can wear down your teeth and cause jaw pain.

Underbite – if you close your mouth and your lower teeth overlap your top ones, you likely have an underbite. Speech, chewing and eating can all be affected, and tooth wear can also be an issue. Invisalign can help many cases, though some do require surgical intervention.

Crossbite – think of this as being a combination of under and overbite, where some of your top teeth sit inside your lower ones. Chipped, worn teeth are common, and you may even notice notches beginning to form in the gum line. Eventually, gum problems and tooth loss could occur.

Open bite – if your top and bottom teeth don’t meet when your mouth is closed, you could have an open bite. Speech, chewing and biting can all be affected.

Why choose us?

Our Stourbridge dental practice is proud to be a family-run practice led by our Invisalign dentist, Dr Francesca Dash. One of the leading Invisalign providers in the UK and throughout Europe, she was the first woman in the UK to achieve Diamond Top 50 Provider status and is now internationally recognised for her work.

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