20th April 2018

What to expect from your dental implants

Dental implants have become incredibly popular and there seems no chance of that slowing down anytime soon. At Lion Dental Centre, Stourbridge, we can guarantee you super-strong and natural-looking dental implants that will give you a boost in confidence.

There are a few reasons why someone may desire dental implants or is referred for tooth implants by their dentist.

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1. Replacing a missing tooth

Losing a single tooth can not only knock your confidence but can put a strain on your nearby teeth. These nearby teeth can drift into the gap of the missing tooth causing additional gaps in your smile and leaving the teeth looking crooked. This problem can also affect your bite, as there are fewer teeth to hold onto and separate your food.

2. They don’t rely on your other teeth

Dental implants in Stourbridge do not rely on the teeth next to them in your mouth for support. This is exceptionally important if you are having a single dental implant. Whereas dental bridges do rely on the neighbouring teeth for support, dental implants are incredibly strong and therefore can be placed amongst weaker teeth.

3. Easy maintenance

Whereas removable dentures can be left around, damaged during removal or while being left on the side, dental implants are screwed onto your jawbone. They are incredibly strong and permanent, meaning you’d clean them as you would your own teeth. There’s no taking out and putting back in, cases to hold them and the worry when you can’t find them. Dental implants are incredibly easy to look after and for many, the better option.

4. They don’t cause speech problems

Many people worry about extensive dental work giving them problems with their speech. Unlike dentures which over time can cause problems with speech due to a shrinking jaw bone, dental implants remain fixed to this jawbone and therefore do not cause these problems.

The consultation

The dental implant process is extremely straightforward and will be performed by an experienced dental specialist.
Firstly, you have your initial consultation. During this appointment, a full scan of your gums and teeth is completed. This involves an x-ray and a mould of your teeth to ensure the dental implant fits perfectly. The dentist will also review your dental history if you’re a new patient.

The preparation

After your consultation and the dental mould has been sent away, your dental implants can be created and are then ready to be inserted into your jawbone. The whole procedure is done under completely sterile conditions using a mild anaesthetic. However, if you are a particularly nervous patient then sedation can be an option. Please speak to your dentist if you feel like sedation is something you would like to explore during the procedure.

The implantation

The next appointment is the insertion itself, which is a rather minor and simple surgical procedure. The dental implant is made from titanium and is placed directly on your jawbone. It will then fuse to the bone itself, making the implant incredibly sturdy and strong. Following the insertion, the fusing process can begin. This is patient specific and the time it takes to fully fuse to your jawbone varies. Dental implants can take from six weeks to six months to fuse with the bone. During this time, temporary dentures or bridgework can be worn as appropriate.

If you’re interested in getting dental implants in Stourbridge, visit our contact page to book a consultation, or call us at 01384 376336.

Get your dental implants in Stourbridge today
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