27th April 2016

Have you got the My Invisalign Smile app yet?

If you’re having orthodontic teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign, are you using the My Invisalign Smile app yet?

Invisalign announced the launch of its new My Invisalign Smile app – now available in the UK only – back in February 2016. The app allows you to take pictures of your smile using a special grid to make sure it’s the right size so that you can make side by side comparisons to earlier pictures and see how your treatment is progressing.

Invisalign clear braces model in stourbridge

What are the benefits of the Invisalign Smile app?

In fact, the app allows not just side by side images but overlaid images with a clever slider that lets you move across an old picture to reveal the latest one. For the best results, you simply need to take a new shot with each new aligner. When you have enough shots, you can turn them into a time lapse video and share your progress with your friends and family.

This app is a fantastic way to capture regular and consistent shots and tell the story of your teeth straightening journey. It shows you how far you have come and enables you to reach out for support from your loved ones on those days when you just wish you could fast-forward to the final aligner.

Other great features of the My Invisalign Smile app include notifications that are synced to your treatment to remind you when to change aligners or book a check-up. You can also celebrate key milestones and keep your treatment momentum going with motivational quotes.

Got a question about Invisalign? The My Invisalign Smile app may very well have the answer

For our patients having Invisalign in Stourbridge at Lion Dental Centre, we think the My Invisalign Smile app is a great companion resource to Invisalign treatment that adds an extra layer of support and motivation, which we all need from time to time. And if you’re still at the stage of deciding whether to have Invisalign aligners, it will hopefully be another factor that persuades you to stop dreaming about a straighter smile and take action to make it a reality.

If you would like to find out more about Invisalign in Stourbridge at Lion Dental Centre, call us at 01384 376 336 to book a consultation.

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