25th May 2022

How Do Removable Braces Compare To Fixed Braces?

Fixed metal braces model in Stourbridge dentist

Are you interested in braces? Whether it is removable braces or fixed braces, we’ve got the knowledge and experience that means making that choice is just that bit easier. Whether you’re based in Stourbridge like our dental practice, or are willing to travel that bit further for exceptional care, read on today to find out how we can help with removable braces for our wonderful patients.

So, what’s the deal with removable braces?

Removable braces are a great option for patients who want flexibility with their treatment. You’ll be able to take them out whenever you wish, meaning you can take a short break if you need to, or pop them to one side when eating or chewing your favourite foods. In other words, you won’t have to change much about your lifestyle to undergo treatment. But, the benefits don’t stop there.

What else is good about removable braces?

You’ll be able to clean them much more easily than fixed braces, which are attached to your smile, and need lots of practice (and handy tools, like interdental brushes) to get that sparkling clean. You will also notice that brands like Invisalign are a comfy option for your teeth. They’re custom-made for each stage of your treatment to ensure you stay on track and you’re only likely to feel mild pressure on your teeth.

How long do I need to wear my braces?

For removable braces, like Invisalign, you’ll need to clock in 20-22 hours of wear every day. Which means, sadly, you’ll have to sleep while wearing them. Still, our patients find them a more freeing option for their orthodontic treatment.

Do removable braces damage your teeth?

No, only if they are cracked or broken (which is likely caused by improper storage or chewing while wearing them). They can, however, stain – even Invisalign – so that’s another reason to take them out before you put something in your mouth!

What about fixed braces?

Wires and brackets can take some getting used to, but dentists often use a special wax to cover the ends and keep your mouth comfortable.

Do fixed braces cause staining?

They don’t cause it, no, but they can make teeth more tricky to keep clean. Luckily, we can share tips and tricks on how to keep on top of your oral health during your treatment – and with Invisalign, it’s not a concern at all (though we’re happy to say that teeth whitening treatment is available for that sparkling finish).

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