8th May 2017

How Long Should You Be Brushing Your Teeth?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is vital for your dental health. In the modern internet age, there are so many different opinions to consider regarding the best methods to protect your teeth and gums that it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find dependable sources for advice. Lion Dental Centre are passionate about always providing our patient’s support and information about looking after their oral hygiene, so we’ve put together a few tips for brushing your teeth effectively.

How long should I be brushing my teeth?

The advised time for brushing your teeth is two minutes. This is a widely recognised time frame for cleaning as it allows you to spend a beneficial portion on each side. A small portion of dentists recommends cleaning your teeth for 3 minutes in order to do an even more extensive clean; focusing 1 and a half minutes on the top, and likewise on the bottom. Lion Dental Centre recommend brushing teeth for a minimum of two minutes.

What’s the most effective method to clean your teeth?

The first is ensuring that you’ve got the best toothbrush to suit you. For most, a small head set at an angle is fine, as it allows you more opportunity to clean more narrow sections of the mouth. Electric toothbrushes with a rotating head can provide better results than manual toothbrushes in many cases.

Using a fluoride-based toothbrush (0.7ppm to 1.2ppm ((parts per million)) is invaluable against fighting tooth decay as it strengthens your enamel, making it easier to remove plaque.

In terms of cleaning methods, brushing the top outer teeth, then lower teeth; followed by top inner teeth and lower teeth is a good method to be used to ensure that your teeth are at their cleanest. Lion Dental Centre would also recommend brushing your tongue for fresher breath also.

Is it possible to “over-brush” your teeth?

Extensive brushing can harm your teeth, but it all depends on the pressure you’re applying. It is better to go with a ‘massaging’ technique. You may think scrubbing your teeth will give you a better outcome, however, scrubbing with a lot of pressure will do nothing but irritate your gums. Using a gentle massaging technique will help to get the job done without wearing away your top gum layer.

Who should I speak to if I’m confused about how to maintain good oral hygiene?

If you have queries or concerns about your personal dental health then you should contact your dentist. Here at Lion Dental Care, we are always happy and willing to support our patients with information and professional advice, in order for them to feel confident and comfortable that they are able to uphold an excellent self-care routine. Feel free to contact us today for more tips and advice on the maintenance of your smile.

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