4th May 2019

Implant Supported Bridges for Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’re missing just one tooth, then a single dental implant is the obvious treatment for you. If you’re missing multiple missing teeth in a row, three separate dental implants might seem a little too much. This is where implant-supported bridges come in, and we’re going to tell you all about them so you can make the right decision for you when restoring your smile.

Man with dental implant

Introducing: implant-supported bridges

Implant-supported bridges replace several missing teeth in a row and are a more permanent solution to removable dentures or bridges. In the case of three missing teeth or more, a dental implant (the titanium screw) is used to secure the teeth on either end of the bridge. The tooth/teeth fixed in the middle of these secured teeth do not have a dental implant screw but are held steadfast by those that are.

How are implant-supported bridges fitted?

Titanium implants which resemble screws are first placed in your jaw and left to heal. The screws are made of titanium, which is a metal that encourages the bone to heal around it and fuse with it. We then leave these roots to heal over the proceeding 2 months, and temporary replacement teeth can be worn over these during this process. We may also place healing caps onto the screws, which are the posts that your replacement crowns will be fitted over. Finally, your replacement bridges will be made to colour- and shape-match your existing natural teeth. They will then be secured onto your implants and ta-da! You have implant-supported bridges.

implant supported bridge in Stourbridge

Are they better than temporary bridges?

Generally speaking, implant-supported bridges are better than temporary bridges because they are fixed in your mouth. Temporary bridges may fit your mouth and restore function to your teeth, but they don’t help to keep your jawbone strong. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone stops receiving signals from that tooth’s root. It then weakens and begins to disintegrate because it seems that it is no longer needed. Though this only affects the immediate area of the jawbone the tooth was rooted to, this instability of bone can affect the neighbouring teeth’s anchoring. Losing one tooth can threaten the integrity of the neighbouring teeth through this jawbone resorption, which is why implant-supported bridges are generally preferred to temporary or removable bridges.

Will it look obvious?

This is a really common concern for those considering implant supported bridge or replacement teeth. Banish the vision of joke shop teeth or false teeth from your head, because dental implants and implant-supported bridges are more natural-looking than this. We can use ceramic or porcelain to create your crowns, the parts that look like teeth, to ensure that they colour-match your existing teeth. In some cases, we may use gold or combine gold with these materials, but we can help you with this. It depends on your individual case, and we’d be happy to talk you through your proposed treatment journey upon meeting you.

If you’re considering implant-supported bridges in Stourbridge, get in touch with the team at Lion Dental Centre today via our contact page, call us on 01384 376336 or book online.

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