18th March 2020

Invisalign Braces: What You Don’t Already Know

Invisalign braces – they’re the words on everyone’s lips. It’s easy to see why, as these clear, removable aligners make teeth straightening a breeze, and there’s even an option for teens. As they become more and more popular, their benefits become more widely known, too – so in this post, our team of dentists, based at our dental practice in Stourbridge, focus on some of the more little-known aspects of Invisalign braces, hopefully giving you even more great reasons to give them a go.

1) They use the world’s most advanced technology

Invisalign braces call themselves ‘comfortable, efficient and safe’. This clear brace treatment involves taking a scan of your teeth, then creating a treatment plan that shows every stage of correction through clever, 3D graphics – so you can picture not only how your teeth will change, but what they’ll ultimately look like.

2) Changing your smile can change your life

There have been many instances of the media reporting on how a smile can boost your mood. So, it doesn’t seem too much of a step to say that a smile can change your life. After all, the more you smile, the better you feel – and if you’ve had your teeth beautifully straightened, you’ll definitely have something to smile about!

3) The cost of Invisalign and other braces is comparable

Surprisingly, Invisalign braces likely won’t cost you any more than a traditional fixed brace. The difference is that instead of adjusting wires and brackets, you’ll just have to swap out your clear brace trays every couple of weeks. This is all due to the fact that the treatment time is similar – though as you’re just changing aligners, those regular ‘adjustment’ appointments will take far less time.

4) Your oral hygiene might improve

Especially in cases where your teeth are crowded, this clear brace treatment could help you access more of the surface of the teeth when brushing and flossing, leaving fewer places for bacteria to gather. You’ll also be able to remove the Invisalign clear aligners when you want to clean your teeth, so they won’t get in the way of your brushing, as traditional braces might.

5) Over 8 million people have had treatment worldwide

It’s incredible, but true – Invisalign braces have transformed over 14 million smiles around the world. Could yours be next?

Booking Invisalign treatment at Lion Dental

If you’re ready to take the first step on your smile-straightening journey, get in touch with our friendly team today via our contact page. We look forward to booking you in for this revolutionary treatment here at our dental practice in Stourbridge!

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