9th March 2019

How Invisalign can fix your bite

Cosmetic braces deliver great cosmetic results, and they don’t look all that bad whilst doing so either. Invisalign has reached the pinnacle of this as they are practically invisible and made of clear plastic. However, Invisalign delivers great results, great treatment discretion, and even better bite results. How does Invisalign fix your bite, and does it actually help your teeth?

How Invisalign fixes these bite issues

A deep bite is seen when your top row of teeth fits over your lower teeth when resting or biting down. This misplaced bite has the potential to lead to gum problems and wear and tear on your lower teeth, grinding away at the protective enamel and even pushing them backwards and further out of alignment. A deep bite can also put your jaw joint under added strain, creating a stiff and uncomfortable jaw.

An underbite is almost the polar opposite of a deep bite, with the bottom row of teeth and the jaw pushing outwards and past the upper row. Biting down results in the lower jaw and teeth resting atop the upper teeth and pushing against them. Not only does this hinder your appearance, but it can also affect the function of your upper teeth in chewing and biting. You could also experience discomfort in your jaw joint due to the added stress on the teeth.

An open bite happens when your back teeth fit together properly, but through protrusion, your front teeth don’t fit together and leave a gap. This is a bite that causes common speech impediments, but this is treatable. In severe cases, you could even develop temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) characterised by jaw stiffness, pain, and ‘locking’.

A crossbite sees your jaws fitting together in a kind of ‘cross’, one sitting off-centre from the other. This bite condition can leave your gums exposed in certain areas, heightening your risk of developing gum disease, and your jawbone could also become weak because of its misplacement and it is under constant strain.

Gapped teeth leave large areas of your gums and soft tissue exposed to plaque, food debris, and sugar. This heightens your risk of gum disease and sensitivity but also leaves you more likely to develop periodontal pockets. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign helps to close these gaps and therefore helps to protect large areas of your gums that were previously left vulnerable.

Overly crowded teeth are incredibly common in childhood and they don’t always correct themselves, leading to teenagers and adults seeking teeth straightening solutions. Overcrowded teeth overlap each other, which creates folds and nooks where bacteria and plaque can build up. These areas can be difficult to clean, so cavities and decay can develop very easily if the teeth aren’t cleaned properly or straightened.

The versatility of Invisalign

Because Invisalign is custom-made to your teeth and your needs, they can safely yet effectively align problematic teeth and bite issues. We take custom-made moulds of your teeth to create a series of aligners that will gently guide your teeth into position using constant and controlled pressure. This treatment is bespoke to your needs, so you can correct a whole host of bite issues in just one product.

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