8th October 2020

Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Man with Invisalign treatment in Stourbridge smiling

Invisalign has been making waves in the dental world for years – and the technology keeps getting better and smarter. In this post, our Stourbridge experts share why Invisalign braces might be the perfect choice for straightening your teeth – whether you’re a teen or an adult.

It’s fast

Invisalign has developed what they call SmartTrack material, which offers a faster treatment time than typically fixed braces. What’s more, it’s been specially developed to be comfortable on your teeth and easy to remove, so the whole process is smooth and seamless.

It’s predictable

Part of the draw of Invisalign is its 3D imaging technology, using the powerful iTero scanner. Instead of moulds, which are typically used for fixed braces, Invisalign treatment involves creating images of your smile at every stage – from treatment to impressive results. While there may be a call for refinements at the end of treatment, most patients love their Invisalign braces and all that’s needed to keep your smile straight after treatment is a set of retainers for overnight wear.

It’s affordable

Invisalign doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, with our generous and affordable finance plans, you can cover the cost of treatment at a pace to suit you. We even offer 0% finance for complete peace of mind, which means you’ll pay absolutely zero interest.

It’s invisible

One of Invisalign’s biggest benefits is that it’s a clear brace. You’ve probably heard it being called the invisible brace – that’s because it’s so discreet, that most people won’t notice you’re wearing it. When it comes to self-conscious teens or adults who don’t feel confident about their smile, it’s the perfect solution.

 It’s for everyone

While not everyone will need braces, Invisalign clear braces in Stourbridge are a suitable option for most requiring teeth straightening. From bite problems to gaps to crowding to crookedness, there are lots these clear braces can help improve. Even if you need dental work, it’s possible it can be factored in before or after your treatment.

Book today

Invisalign braces are a popular treatment here at our Stourbridge dental practice. Of course, there are other types of invisible brace available, but none compare to Invisalign. Our expert Top 50 Diamond Provider, Dr Francesca Dash, will put you right at home during your treatment and ensure you’re happy at every stage, from your initial consultation, right through to your incredible results. Get in touch today and let the journey begin!

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