6th March 2019

When to visit a children’s dentist

1 in 4 children starting school in the UK are showing the first signs of tooth decay as they walk into their classrooms for the very first time. This is a very depressing statistic. It’s important to understand the significance tooth decay can have on a child’s overall wellbeing, as well as why this is happening. Everybody in Great Britain has access to a dentist. Whether or not they register with one, or keep their appointments is up to the individual.

Here at the Lion Dental Centre, we are treating children’s cavities regularly and we strongly believe there are two main reasons why this is happening:

  1. Children are eating foods that contain too much sugar, but don’t know the correct brushing techniques to ensure it is washed away thoroughly. (Are you 100% certain you’ve taught them the correct brushing techniques?)
  2. Children are not visiting a dentist to have their teeth checked and any remaining food deposits removed.

Cavities are avoidable. They’re also painful. Could you be causing your child unnecessary oral pain by not registering them with a dentist? It’s not too late. We can help.

When should your child have their first appointment?

Ideally, parents should arrange their children’s first dental appointment as soon as milk teeth begin to appear because when they’re above the gum, they’re exposed to sugar. Sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth to create acid which attacks teeth. If teeth are then not brushed properly decay can occur.

There seems to be a popular belief that it doesn’t matter if milk teeth are affected by decay, as they’ll fall out soon enough to make room for adult teeth. However, decay in the milk teeth can actually damage the adult teeth below. By ignoring milk teeth decay, you could be setting your child up for a life filled with dental problems.

How you can help your child look after their teeth

As a parent, you naturally want to look after and protect your child. When your children are ill, you take them to the doctor and when your children do things you believe could be harmful, you stop them. So why are you not also taking them to the dentist? Laziness is not a good excuse, especially when you realise that gum disease has been associated with heart problems, diabetes and strokes!

A family appointment at our friendly, welcoming dental practice will give your child the opportunity to learn correct tooth brushing techniques, teach them which foods have a high sugar content and also help your child avoid dental phobia; a condition that may prevent them for registering with a dentist independently later in life.

To register with our practice, please get in touch with our reception team. We’ll be able to find a family appointment at a time that’s convenient for you, when the dentist will be able to check both your teeth and your child’s at the same time. Then your child can see you as a role model and that visiting the dentist is nothing to fear. Please get in touch.

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