25th October 2018

How to maintain your teeth whitening results

So, you’ve had your teeth whitened, and you’re grinning loud and proud. Brighter and whiter teeth help you appear younger, happier, and healthier, so it’s definitely imperative that you look after your teeth whitening results. Not only will this help you keep them in the best condition, but it ensures the best value for money for you as well! Here’s how to maintain your teeth whitening results after your treatment.

One of the easiest ways to maintain great teeth whitening results is controlling what they come into contact with, i.e. what we eat and drink. There are plenty of foods and drinks that harbour strong pigments and staining power, some of which are the nation’s favourites, so let’s discover what you should cut back on.

Drinks that stain your teeth

Red wine possesses a high concentration of tannins, which are an organic substance found in plant and fruit skins like grapes. While these tannins give red wine its heady and full-bodied flavour, they’re also very rich in brown-yellow pigments that cling to the surfaces of your teeth. This is why our teeth, lips, and even fabrics fall prey to the pink spray of red wine! Even white wine has a high acidic concentration that eats away at the enamel on our teeth, potentially revealing the naturally yellow dentin below. Cutting back on wine of all colours will definitely help prevent superficial staining and enamel erosion. Tea and coffee also contain these tannins, and the stronger you have your drink the higher the concentration. Cut back to avoid tainting your teeth whitening results with an unattractive brown hue!

Foods that stain your teeth

Most curries look beautiful with their colourful pigments and bright dishes, but these pigments also contribute to teeth staining. Regardless of whether they are naturally occurring, the spices used in your favourite curries have rich pigments with incredible staying-power, so maybe cut back on your curry consumption. Similarly, pigmented fruits like blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates all have the power to leave purple-red stains on your teeth after consumption, so washing your mouth around with water or having a big drink of it after you’ve eaten them will help maintain your teeth whitening results!

Maintain regular cleaning habits

As dentists ourselves, we’re always going to tell you to brush and floss. We wouldn’t be doing our day-job if we didn’t! While this is super important to maintaining your dental health, brushing and flossing help promote the longevity of your stain-free teeth whitening results. Keep the protective enamel strong on your teeth to avoid the yellow dentin peeping through and remove residual, weaker stains from the surface to keep your teeth sparkling.

Drink plenty of water and use a straw

When sipping on a drink that is typically bad for your teeth, such as cola or acidic fruit juices, drinking through a straw lessens any impending damage. The straw aims the drink towards the back of the mouth and limits its contact with your enamel, lessening its ability to stain your teeth’s surfaces. Drinking plenty of water not helps to wash away lingering food debris, but it also lubricates your mouth and lessens its pH level. If your mouth is dry, the surfaces of your teeth are too, and this heightens the likelihood of staining because the pigments can cling more easily. Neutralising the pH level of your mouth and saliva is also important because this will aid in clearing the food debris.

Use your home teeth whitening trays

Here at Lion Dental Centre in Stourbridge, we use an in-office tooth whitening treatment called Zoom! that boosts your smile by up to 8 shades. After your treatment is completed, we supply you with some home teeth whitening trays that are ultra-thin and custom-made to your teeth. This way you can continue to maintain your teeth whitening results at home after your professional treatment at our Birmingham dental practice.

Teeth whitening in Birmingham boosts your smile to give you teeth that look healthier and younger, helping you to grin with confidence. To find out more about our professional teeth whitening, enquire online or speak to a member of staff on 01384 376336 today.

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