18th December 2014

My Invisalign Journey – Part 1

My Invisalign journey starts here!

I had braces when I was younger and like many people didn’t wear my retainers as instructed, this is something I regret as my teeth relapsed slightly. I had been considering having them corrected for some time but being 22 I didn’t want to go back to metal braces. After starting work with Francesca Dash I saw some amazing transformations and was eager to get things started. There are so many perks to Invisalign; the fact they are completely invisible, pain-free and removable as well – which makes cleaning so much easier!

woman in stourbridge flossing teeth

The practice is currently offering free teeth whitening with Invisalign treatment …. What a bonus! Not only will be getting straight teeth but straight white teeth.

Come back soon for my next post.


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