9th April 2020

The No.1 Brace for Teens

If you follow our blog, you’ve no doubt come across Invisalign braces, the teeth-straightening treatment that’s taking the world by storm. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re our number one choice for teenagers – and adults too, for that matter!

In this post, the team from our Stourbridge dental practice goes through the top ways Invisalign braces can help with teenagers’ teeth straightening.

Metal braces on a dental model (not Invisalign case)

Invisalign’s Main Features and Benefits:

Invisalign has a disscreet design

We all remember being that self-conscious teenager – worrying about how we looked and knowing that our friends would tease us over the slightest things. Teenagers can be anxious about the impact that wearing braces might have on their friendships and relationships, especially when the first thing that comes to mind is metal wires and brackets. But technology has firmly moved on, and Invisalign braces are leading the charge. These are clear braces, which look virtually invisible while worn and, providing they are cared for properly, shouldn’t stain or discolour.

Easy treatment

With Invisalign braces in Stourbridge, it’s as easy as scanning, creating, and treating. First, a digital image is created of the teeth – with incremental steps to show how they’ll be guided to their correct positions over time. Custom clear braces – also known as aligners – will then be created every couple of weeks, which will need to be swapped out to ensure they’re doing their work. For busy teenagers, it’s the ideal treatment, as there’s minimal disruption to their daily routine and that all-important social life.

Super comfortable

Another great advantage of Invisalign braces is the fact they’re super comfortable – so those who are concerned about traditional metal braces needn’t worry. While swapping out the clear braces might create a feeling of pressure on the teeth at first, this will soon settle – and there are no metal parts that could stick into gums or cheeks. In addition, these clear braces can be removed for brushing, eating, and even the odd social occasion – just ensure they get at least 22 hours of wear each day.

Invisalign is cost-effective

When it comes to our kids, we always want the focus to be on them getting the best possible care and treatments. Having said this, it’s good to know that Invisalign braces, despite being a revolutionary treatment, aren’t likely to be any more expensive than a traditional option. Purse-friendly and effective? There isn’t a better combination!

Helpful with hygiene

Your teenagers might not think to prioritise their oral health (and wider health), but it’s good to know that teeth straightening – especially with Invisalign braces – can actually have some positive benefits in this arena. Gaps between the teeth can cause food to become lodged in place and could cause tooth decay down the line, while bite problems can lead to general problems such as grinding or headaches.

Give Invisalign a go

Now you know just how great Invisalign braces can be, why not book your teen in for a consultation at our dental practice here in Stourbridge? Simply visit our contact page for ways to get in touch, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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