22nd April 2019

Smoking: A Warning from your Dentist

Smoking, as we all know, is bad for your dental health. There are an estimated 6.1 million smokers in England, which is just below 15% of the population, and we’re willing to bet they don’t realise what smoking is doing to their dental health and teeth. Heed these warnings from your dentist in Stourbridge…

Smoking affects your gums

Most adults in the UK are currently experiencing some form of gum disease, whether that gum disease is mild or severe. Continuously smoking tobacco causes a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream, leading to gums that are already showing the signs of infection and disease to not be able to heal properly. This kind of gum deterioration is actually one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults, and smoking can greatly exacerbate this. Gum disease progresses and worsens far faster in regular smokers than it does in non-smokers. Furthermore, smoking can also change the pH levels in your mouth that lead to the build-up of plaque and tartar. When plaque and tartar collect on the tooth surfaces and sit atop the gum line, they irritate it and cause it to recede, worsening the signs of gum disease.

Smoking and smoker’s breath

Smoker’s breath may be an unpleasant smell, but there’s a very sinister undertone. Your lungs are made up of tiny membranes called bronchioles that each inhale of air pass through so that they may filter oxygen through to the bloodstream. Your bronchioles are made up of lots of tiny passageways and air holes that make them spongey, so naturally, when you inhale your smoke it passes through these chambers too. Smoke particles get trapped in these air holes and come out on your breath when you laugh, speak, and exhale. This is why smokers’ breath can smell stale because it’s often old smoke particles that are being knocked loose.

Smoking and mouth cancer

Statistics released by the NHS approximate that 90% of people with cancer in the mouth, tongue, lips, and throat currently use or have frequently used tobacco. This is a huge proportion of smokers to non-smokers developing this kind of cancer and is one of the many reasons your dentist wants you to cut back on your tobacco usage. Your dentist can also help you learn and identify the signs of mouth cancer, but it’s always best to cut back on these unhealthy and risky habits.

Visit your dentist!

If you’re beginning to notice certain changes in your mouth or the deterioration of your gums, visit your dentist to receive expert advice. We can help you perfect your at-home care, provide lifestyle information and advice on how to change your habits, and perform treatments that will help to maintain and reinstate the health of your mouth. You might benefit from our blog post to take action against mouth cancer in which we detail how to check your own mouth for the signs of mouth cancer and what to look out for.

Visit one of our professionals at the Lion Dental Centre to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in the best condition possible. Get in touch on 01384 376336 to book your dentist appointment today.

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