15th November 2019

Teeth whitening FAQs

Why do people consider teeth whitening?

Having a whiter smile is very popular among celebs and movie stars. Everyone wants to feel confident in their smile, so some do this by whitening their teeth. Getting rid of any dark stains gives the impression of a brighter and cleaner smile. People that drink tea, coffee and red wine might want to have their teeth whitened to get rid of any stains the drinks have left behind. People who are of older age may experience their teeth becoming duller and choose to have teeth whitening to bring back their youthful colour.

How long does the whitening last?

The teeth whitening can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Avoid products that stain your teeth, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after having stain-causing food and drinks, brush your teeth twice a day to get rid of all the bacteria left in your mouth and use floss to get in between the gaps of your teeth to prevent excess food build-up. If you start to notice that your teeth are becoming darker then you can simply purchase additional whitening gel.

Is the teeth whitening treatment painful?

You should not experience any pain with the teeth whitening treatment. Some people do experience some sensitivity, but this is only for a short amount of time. If your teeth feel slightly sensitive after the treatment, brush your teeth gently and stay clear of consumables that are very hot or very cold as this can make your teeth feel even more sensitive. Drinking through a straw is the best option if you want to stay hydrated as it keeps the beverage away from your sensitive teeth. We recommend staying away from hot drinks like tea and coffee as this can stain your newly whitened smile.

Why choose lion Dental Centre?

At Lion Dental in Stourbridge, you will be welcomed into a caring and friendly environment, that has a team of highly qualified professionals. We offer a free consultation to meet with one of our experienced dentists to discuss what you want the outcome of your teeth to be. A treatment plan will be put in place to make sure the whitening process is right for you and to go over the steps of the treatment. Once everything is all in place we can book you in to start moulding your dental impressions to make up the whitening trays. Once those are all done we can then start your new smile journey.

If you are interested in undergoing whitening treatment with us, feel free to get in touch with the Lion Dental team today and book your first consultation.

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