24th May 2018

Teeth whitening top tips in Stourbridge

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted a brighter smile. White teeth are synonymous with toothpaste adverts, Hollywood, and happiness, and can connote great general health. Sometimes, despite our best cleaning efforts, our teeth aren’t as white as we’d like them to be. Lion Dental Centre in Stourbridge offers in-surgery teeth whitening with at-home top-ups, so you can continue to smile bright and wide. One of our qualified dentists can boost your smile by up to 8 shades and in less than an hour.

Here are our top tips for teeth whitening in Stourbridge!

Come to the professionals

Tooth whitening solutions found on the shelves of high-street stores may seem appealing, but we recommend steering away from them. Performing this kind of pre-packaged, self-prescribed, and unregulated procedure at home can be dangerous. You could have a reaction to a certain chemical, harm yourself, or just not see the results you thought you would. We offer take-home teeth whitening kits, but these are only available after a face to face consultation with a member of our team to ensure your suitability and safety.

Ensure your results

You could see your teeth whitening results almost immediately after your treatment, but how do we prolong them? We’d always recommend a thorough hygiene session with air polishing before teeth whitening to get rid of any pre-existing stains. By removing these stains and revealing your natural tooth colour beneath, we can treat a larger and more true-to-life surface area of the tooth. It will improve your results tenfold.

Stay away from these foods

The things we eat and drink can have drastic effects on our teeth’s shine! Highly pigmented parts of our diet like red wine and blueberries can act to dull and stain our teeth, as can coffee and tea. It’s been suggested the higher the acidic concentration, the higher the chances of staining the area, so even white wine could affect your smile. At your first appointment, we can talk you through which foods and drinks to moderate to best prolong your teeth whitening results.

Stick to your at-home care

This top tip comes in two parts: whiteness upkeep, and general dental health. After your treatment, we offer you custom-made ultra-thin whitening trays and gels for at-home use. This is so that you can continue to maintain your results at home and ‘top up’ our previous treatments when necessary. If you keep on top of this and continue to use the gel, your teeth whitening could last you a lifetime. But of course, we are after all a dental practice, and we still want to make sure you look after your teeth. Our teeth whitening technology is second to none, but you still need to maintain good daily oral hygiene routines. Brushing, flossing, and being aware of your diet and lifestyle habits can all help prolong the whiteness and health of your teeth. We’d always recommend semi-regular appointments with our dental hygienists, so we can monitor your dental health together and best advise should we catch something early.

When considering teeth whitening, it’s always best to consider professional treatment before you search for (often ineffective) high-street options. With professional teeth whitening and specialist at-home maintenance, your bright smile could last you a lifetime. Pop into our dental practice today, enquire online, or call us at 01384 376336 to book your first appointment.

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