6th March 2023

The Dental Implant Process Step by Step

We’ve offered patients in and around the Stourbridge area restorative dental implants for many years. These permanently implanted false teeth return your bite and chew function and blend seamlessly into your smile, giving you back your confidence. Find out more about them, what they’re made of, their pros and cons and what the dental implant process involves, step by step.

How do dental implants work?

First, let’s take a closer look at how these clever false teeth are implanted. Made of a metal ‘root’ and ceramic ‘crown’, tooth implants are fitted in two stages. The first is the root, where the implant is gently and carefully screwed into the mouth after a surgical incision. Once this has healed to provide a strong foundation for the new tooth, the ceramic crown is then fitted by one of our expert dentists in Stourbridge. This completes the tooth.

How do I know if tooth implants are right for me?

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We’ll arrange a dental implant consultation at our Stourbridge dental practice as the first stage of your treatment. From here, we’ll then arrange the surgery itself. This is minimally invasive, with only a local anaesthetic needed. Finally, we’ll discuss any aftercare you need to follow both in between healing and once the full tooth is placed.

What happens while my dental implant heals?

A temporary crown can be fitted to the root to ensure the tooth is usable and discreet while it heals. Once it has fused with your gum and jaw tissues, we can place the ceramic crown.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

With tooth implants, you can enjoy:

  • A huge boost to your confidence and self-esteem
  • A restored smile, without treatment being obvious
  • A lifetime of your preferred diet, with no need to swap foods
  • Anti-ageing benefits, if missing teeth cause a shrunken appearance

Not only that but if you whiten your smile, you can have your new tooth implant created to match the exact shade and give you a whole smile makeover.

What are the drawbacks of dental implants?

Cost can be a barrier to some, and some healing time is needed – where you might need to adjust your diet temporarily. Also, sometimes the treatment is not appropriate. For example, people who have gum recession may not be suitable for tooth implants.

What else do I need to know about dental implant treatment?

Tooth implants have an astonishingly high success rate – most dentists estimate it’s as high as 95%. This means there is a good chance your treatment will go successfully too, and you could be enjoying your new tooth for years to come.

How do I book in for a tooth implant?

You’ll need to give our Stourbridge dental practice a call or book online. Get in touch here, and we’ll handle the booking. We’re excited to start your dental implant journey soon!

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