20th December 2019

Our Tips for Looking After Dental Implants

Now that you’ve had your new tooth implant(s) placed, it makes sense to look after them as carefully and fully as you can. After all, with the right attention, dental implants should last a lifetime. At Lion Dental, our dental practice in Stourbridge, we know a thing or two about teeth. In this post, we’ll go through our suggestions for keeping your tooth implants in tip-top condition, from how often to brush to what brushes to use.

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Keep a good oral routine

Brushing your teeth twice a day, alongside flossing, is so important for your dental health – and this is especially true if poor hygiene contributed to the tooth loss for which you needed a dental implant in the first place. Your toothpaste should be at least 1350-1500 ppm (parts per million) and for flossing, try an interdental brush to work into those nooks and crannies between teeth.

Have regular check-ups

Visiting your dentist regularly is key to good oral health. After all, they know your teeth better than anyone – even you – and with everything on record, can track changes as they happen. They can also help with preventative care, as they can help demonstrate good brushing technique, and give tailored advice on everything from what brand of toothpaste to buy, to which areas you might need to pay particular attention to.

Report changes in your dental implants straight away

If your dental implant becomes loose or the surrounding area becomes painful, these can be warning signs that something’s wrong and it’s time to get the experts in. Don’t just wait until your next appointment – tooth troubles should be addressed straight away, even if you’ve just had an appointment with us.

Stay safe playing sports

If you’re a sports player, look after your tooth implants by wearing a mouthguard for any contact sports. If your dental implant crown gets damaged, you may be able to have a new one fitted with minimal disruption. However, if the root gets damaged, it may need to be removed.

Contact us about dental implants

For other tips, tricks, and general advice on looking after your teeth – tooth implants or otherwise – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today here at Lion Dental, Stourbridge, with a quick visit to our contact page.  You can also book a treatment here, too – so if you’ve been desperate to get implants for some time, or want your existing implants looked over by a top dentist, we want to hear from you.

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