15th February 2021

Tooth Replacement Options

Woman during tooth replacement treatment in Stourbridge

We often (mistakenly) think our teeth will be with us for life, never planning for tooth replacement caused by situations such as accidents or injuries, or problems with our oral care. As expert dentists based in Stourbridge, we see many patients who are living with tooth loss and all the challenges that bring – whether it’s difficulty with eating and diet; problems with speaking; a loss of confidence; or knock-on problems such as gum recession. 

Thankfully, we offer a range of tooth replacement options for missing teeth here at our Stourbridge dental practice. We want our patients to get the best out of their teeth and feel happy, healthy and confident to wear their smiles with pride. Read on to find out how we could help you with your tooth loss, and ways to prevent tooth loss from happening in the future. 

So, what are my options for missing teeth?

Our top recommendation is dental implants, although even these can be categorised into different groups. For those with individual missing teeth, a single tooth implant can be a sturdy, lifelike replacement. If you’re missing several teeth in a row, we advise on implant-supported bridges, which anchor a false tooth (or teeth) between implants. Or, if it’s a full set of missing teeth, then our implant-retained dentures are a popular choice, as these can be fixed to the mouth with a series of ‘studs’. 

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

For a great alternative to dental implants, try regular dentures. Dental fixative helps adhere them to the gums to keep them in place, and they can be removed for oral care and to keep them clean. They don’t need to be worn overnight either.

However, one word of warning – dentures can’t replace a single missing tooth. The only way to restore a single missing tooth is through dental implants.

Which is better, dental implants or dentures?

It really depends on what you prioritise. For durability and realism, dental implants are the preferred choice – they can even last a lifetime with the right care, and may be more resistant to staining than other options. For something that’s quicker, easier and cheaper, turn to dentures. There’s no surgery involved and they’re simple to insert, remove and clean. 

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From implant-supported bridges and implant-retained dentures to removable dentures, our options for missing teeth help put things right for your smile – and you couldn’t be in better, more capable hands than with our Stourbridge dental practice near Stafford. Talk to us today or book online to find out how we could help you achieve strong, reliable and realistic teeth with our tooth replacement treatments, whatever your choice. 

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