3rd December 2019

Top Treatments To Revive Your Smile

We’ve been in the dentistry field for years, so when it comes to teeth, we know what we’re talking about. In fact, here at Lion Dental in Stourbridge, we go a step further than most dentists – we’re problem-solvers and will actually recommend treatments for you, helping you get the most out of your smile and hopefully boosting your health and happiness along the way.

One of the most common things our patients ask us is how they can revive their smiles. Surprisingly, age doesn’t play a part – what’s important is having teeth that bright and beautiful.

smile in Stourbridge

Some of our top treatments for some serious smile revival include:

Dental Implants

Although some can be put off by what sounds like an invasive procedure on paper – treatment involves creating a small hole in your gum for the new tooth to slot into – dental implants are usually straightforward, and aside from a little soreness or swelling, aren’t too painful. This is the perfect treatment option for those with one or more missing teeth, as tooth implants are durable and natural-looking, and will last a lifetime with the proper care in place.

Teeth whitening

White teeth are such a confidence booster. Not only do they look clean and healthy, but they reflect the light, seemingly shining out of your mouth. It’s no wonder this is such a popular treatment! Here at Lion Dental, Stourbridge, we use Philips Zoom! Kits – which can boost your smile by an incredible 8 shades. What’s more, the treatment is easy, fast, and comfortable, and you can even top-up from the comfort of your own home if you want long-lasting results.

Invisalign braces

Gone are the days of unsightly braces! We use Invisalign braces in Stourbridge to help transform your smile – from closing gaps and spacing out teeth that are too crowded, to fixing bite problems. Invisalign has made a name for itself in recent years, with its revolutionary approach to braces – clear, plastic trays that click in with ease and move teeth little by little for comfortable but effective straightening.

And finally…

Whatever treatment you choose with us here at Lion Dental, Stourbridge, it’s worth remembering that a good dental routine will help elevate your results even further. Brushing and flossing twice daily, avoiding staining foods, and coming in for regular check-ups with your dentist will help ensure your smile looks stunning for even longer.

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