18th August 2015

What are invisible braces and how do they work?

If you would like straighter teeth, you may be seriously considering orthodontic treatment and wondering what treatments are available. You may be looking for the most discreet options, have questions about the length of the treatment, and how much invisible braces cost.

When it comes to invisible braces in Stourbridge, Lion Dental Centre is a popular choice. We offer treatment with Invisalign clear, removable aligners or with Six Month Smiles, which are fixed braces that use tooth coloured wires and clear brackets for a discreet brace option.

Invisible braces work on the same principles as traditional wire braces, using the appropriate placement of controlled force to gradually move your teeth into a straighter position. During each stage of the treatment, different teeth can be moved or different forces applied using either aligners or wires and brackets.

All about Invisalign Invisible Braces

What is Invisalign?

As mentioned above, Invisalign is a system of clear, removable aligners that you change every two weeks during the course of your treatment. Each aligner applies low forces to your teeth, gradually moving them into their final, straight position. The journey your teeth will take is plotted out using Invisalign’s special ClinCheck® software so that you can see the predicted results before you even begin your treatment.

Women putting in Invisalign invisible braces

How do invisible braces work?

Invisalign works by using a series of clear plastic aligners to push the teeth into their desired position. Your Invisalign journey will start with a consultation and an intra-oral scan to create your custom aligners, which you will change every couple of weeks until you reach the end of your Invisalign treatment.

What can Invisalign treat?

Invisalign can be used to correct a range of problems, and the aligners are popular because you can take them out to eat, drink or clean your teeth, as well as for special occasions. This is better for your on-going dental hygiene.

Does Invisalign really work?

A recent study titled ‘Braces versus Invisalign: Gingival parameters and patients’ satisfaction during treatment: A cross-sectional study’ by a group of German researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz found that Invisalign patients saw an improvement in their gum health, experienced less irritation, and were less self-conscious about the appearance of their aligners when compared to patients wearing fixed orthodontic appliances.

Invisalign clear aligners in Stourbridge

Invisalign or Fixed Braces?

The study concluded that Invisalign clear aligners have significantly lower negative impacts than braces, especially when it comes to overall health and gum health.

How much do invisible braces cost?

Invisalign prices start from £1495.00 for simple cases, to £3500.00 for the more complex ones. Once we’ve discussed your needs and if you’ve decided to undertake treatment, your digital scan and prescription will be sent to Invisalign who will construct your aligners. The cost of this is £350.00. We also offer FREE tooth whitening with all of our Invisalign treatments. You can find out more about our treatment prices here.

Invisalign clear braces available at Lion Dental Centre, Stourbridge

What is Six Month Smiles?

That’s not to say that fixed invisible braces aren’t sometimes the better option, because they can be. Six Month Smiles, for example, is an incredibly popular brace system that uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to create a discreet appearance.

What are the advantages of Six Month Smiles?

These invisible braces get their name from the fact that they can straighten your teeth in as little as six months. They are most suitable for more cosmetic cases where you want to improve the aesthetics of spaced or crooked teeth – especially the ‘social six’ top front teeth that people see when you smile – without major alterations to your bite.

As well as being discreet, Six Month Smiles use low forces to move your teeth, making the treatment extremely comfortable.

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