5th December 2022

Your Invisalign Journey Step-By-Step

Invisalign mouth guards

Wherever you are in your Invisalign journey, our Stourbridge dentists want to help. Through our expert team, commitment to care, and groundbreaking treatments, we can offer convenience, support, and best of all – results. To find out exactly what to expect when undergoing Invisalign treatment here in Stourbridge, read on.

1. Consultation

It all starts with a consultation. This is such an important part of the process because it will help determine whether treatment is suitable for you, as well as:

  • Helping you feel comfortable and confident about your treatment journey
  • Getting you familiar with our staff, clinic and ways of working
  • Giving you the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and make an informed choice

Our Invisalign consultations are completely free (at the time of writing, November 2022) and available here in our Stourbridge dental practice. you will be taken through some important paperwork, then learn more about the process through Francesca, our Invisalign Dentist, or one of our Treatment Coordinators. Finally, you’ll have photos taken of your smile.

2. Treatment plan

Next, we will take an intra-oral scan with our precise iTero Scanner, a leading device that helps to scan your smile without any discomfort, and the need for messy moulds or impressions. We’ll also take a full mouth X-ray. Then, it’s all sent to Invisalign to create your very own custom treatment plan, called a ClinCheck, which is usually available within a week. In the final part of this stage, you’ll be able to see your predicted result and talk about how many braces you’ll need for treatment (called Invisalign aligners; clear trays that fit over your teeth).

3. Treatment begins

Now for the real magic – the treatment gets underway. You’ll have a fitting at our dental practice in Stourbridge, then leave with a ‘goody bag’, containing your first 3 aligners and everything you need to begin Invisalign treatment. We’ll check in with you after one week, then every 6-8 weeks to make sure everything’s going smoothly, and give you FREE teeth whitening (at the time of writing) around week 4 of treatment to help brighten your smile as it straightens.

4. Results

Finally, we’ll make any last refinements you need for that perfect result, and talk about any other treatments you might need (such as fillings). All that is left to do to maintain your Invisalign results is to wear your retainers – again, custom-made for your mouth.

Begin your Invisalign journey today!

For a more detailed look at your treatment journey, visit our Invisalign webpage, talk to our Stourbridge experts today or book online. We can’t wait to achieve your dream smile – together.

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