6th February 2023

5 Invisalign Tips to Optimise Results

Man showing off his smile

When it comes to adult braces, what’s the brand on everyone’s lips? Without a doubt, it is Invisalign – and for good reason. These clear braces totally transformed the way we carry out orthodontic treatment, and with 5 million happy patients around the globe – including A-listers from the celebrity set – it is safe to say Invisalign isn’t going anywhere.

Today, our professional dentists here in Stourbridge will talk through 5 top tips to optimise your results, not only helping your treatment go more smoothly but ensuring you’re happy with the final look of your new smile! Of course, if you ever need any help, advice or inspiration along the way, our Stourbridge team will be happy to help.

1. Remove your Invisalign aligners when you eat

One of the biggest advantages these adult braces have is the fact they can be removed, so you can eat whatever diet you like. It’s really important to remember to take out your Invisalign braces, as this prevents them from becoming damaged and discoloured – both of which could prolong your treatment while you seek a replacement.

2. Clean your Invisalign properly

Just like you clean your teeth regularly, you should do the same with your Invisalign braces. Get used to the routine of rinsing on removal and re-inserting your adult braces, and don’t forget to soak in Invisalign cleaning crystals every few days, as directed by our Stourbridge dentists. Again, staining on your Invisalign – caused by food particles – could delay treatment.

3. Store your Invisalign

As an extra note to the above points, use your Invisalign storage case! The last thing you need is the cost and hassle involved with a broken or lost set of adult braces.

4. Track your treatment

With such tiny, incremental movements involved to align your smile, it can seem (at first) that your adult braces are not having much effect on your smile. But by tracking your progress – such as through taking regular selfies – you’ll soon see how your smile is coming together. Once you get part way through treatment, you can also compare sets of aligners, where you’ll more clearly see those little adjustments.

5. Have regular dental check-ups

A check-up with our Stourbridge dentists is not just to keep an eye on how your Invisalign braces are going – though that’s certainly something we’ll check. We will also take a good look at your oral health and make any recommendations there, for instance, the right toothpaste and brush. It’s also a chance to ask us any questions you have or voice your concerns.

Begin your Invisalign journey today!

All you need to do to arrange a check-up is call us now and we’ll schedule you for a clear braces consultation with one of our Stourbridge dentists as soon as we can.

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