5th July 2022

Am I Suitable For Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign braces have revolutionised the way dentists straighten teeth – and you could be the perfect candidate for treatment. With an Invisalign dentist right here at our family-run dental practice in Stourbridge, we’ll talk you through what’s involved in treatment, cases Invisalign braces can treat, and the advantages of having your teeth straightened. Read on to find out more.

Am I suitable for Invisalign treatment?

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Invisalign braces can help straighten men’s and women’s smiles, as well as teenagers, so it’s highly likely – but a consultation is the only way to know for sure. Happily, we offer Invisalign consultations here in Stourbridge to our fantastic patients.

What can clear braces treat?

If you’re living with wonky teeth, bite problems or gaps in your smile, don’t suffer in silence! Invisalign braces can help to correct all of these concerns. Read more about what Invisalign treats in our previous blog. To give more detail, these include:

  • Underbite, overbite, cross bite and open bite. This is where the teeth don’t ‘meet’ correctly, for example, one set of teeth overhangs or overlaps the other set, or the teeth don’t close at all.

  • Wonky teeth. This is where you may have some twisting or teeth growing at angles, often with overlapping in the same set.

  • Gapped tooth smile. Although many people find this type of smile attractive, others are self-conscious about having gaps between their teeth.

Do Invisalign braces boost your oral health?

Yes, in many cases. For instance, bite problems can lead to tooth wear and gum recession, which could cause the teeth to become loose over time. Also, wonky teeth or a gappy smile can make brushing difficult or cause food and bacteria to collect in the tooth spaces.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Invisalign treatment times vary between cases, from a matter of months to a year or more. This is because the amount of correction needed differs between people. While some may only need a minor adjustment, or even further treatment after having braces when younger, others may need both sets of teeth to be treated. Invisalign treatment is highly predictable and successful, and you will be given a treatment timeframe during your consultation at our Stourbridge dental practice.

How do I book Invisalign treatment?

We offer Invisalign braces at our Stourbridge dental practice. To enquire about our Invisalign consultations, smile makeovers, or any of our other cosmetic dental treatments, simply get in touch with our team or book online and we’ll arrange a time and date to suit you.

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