6th September 2022

Hygiene, Comfort And Maintenance Of Invisalign

If you’re considering Invisalign braces, you will no doubt be doing your research. After all, it is an investment for your smile and you will want to be sure you’re making the right choices. Today, our Stourbridge dentists touch on some of the key aspects of Invisalign braces, including hygiene, comfort and maintenance.

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What are Invisalign braces?

They are a type of aligner – a clear acrylic tray – which can be gently inserted over the teeth and removed when needed. An extremely discreet and comfortable way to straighten the smile, they’re loved by patients all around the world, with countless success stories.

How do Invisalign braces work?

Assuming treatment is suitable for you, your Invisalign journey will involve scanning your smile; making digital impressions of your teeth; plotting the tiny adjustments your teeth will need; and finally, creating your clear aligners. At the end of treatment, you might need some subtle tweaks (called refinements) and will also need to wear retainers.

How comfortable is Invisalign?

Invisalign does not use wires, brackets or elastics and is not fixed to your teeth. So, for lots of patients, it’s a far more comfortable – and flexible – treatment. It’s also much easier to manage the cleaning and maintenance of your braces, as they can simply be removed and dealt with separately.

How hygienic are Invisalign braces?

This depends on how well – and how often – you clean your aligners, as well as your teeth. We advise brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day for two minutes and soaking your aligners in cleaning crystals every couple of days. You’ll also need to regularly rinse and brush your aligners to make sure no bacteria or food particles can build on them.

How easy are Invisalign braces to keep clean?

Surprisingly so. And the further you go through your treatment, the quicker it will become to clean them – and the more it will become a natural part of your oral health routine. If you have any problems or concerns, you can just talk to our experts for advice in Stourbridge.

What else do I need to know about Invisalign?

There are lots of treatment benefits and it can help not just straighten your smile, but close gaps and deal with bite concerns (such as overbite and underbite). We would only ever recommend treatments we think our patients could benefit from, so if you would like to hear about the best options for you and your smile, then get in touch or book online with our Stourbridge dental team today.

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