7th June 2023

What Orthodontic Issues Invisalign Can And Can’t Fix

Invisalign is a popular treatment method for creating straighter, more uniform smiles here in Stourbridge. But many of our patients – and prospective patients – want to know if it’s suitable for them. Many people are also interested in the types of cases Invisalign braces can treat. So, today, we will explain more about how clear braces work and the typical problems it correct.

An introduction to Invisalign

First, let’s look at how Invisalign braces get to work straightening smiles. The treatment process is relatively simple – your existing smile is scanned with modern technology; a computer then generates a 3D image of your smile; and finally, it calculates the precise movements each tooth needs to make for that perfect result. Each movement translates into the plastic aligners (or braces) you’ll wear during your treatment. This means you’ll be changing your aligners every few weeks to stay on track.

What Invisalign braces can and can’t treat

Many patients in Stourbridge choose Invisalign braces for generally straighter smiles, but the treatment can also help with orthodontic issues such as overbite and underbite (and other bite issues); crookedness and crowding; gaps; misalignment. However, it may not be suited to every case and does depend on the severity. That’s why a consultation is ideal.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are a great many benefits to having clear braces treatment. These clear braces can not only adjust your smile over time but can fix bite problems and prevent associated issues such as headaches, jaw pain, tooth wear and gum wear. They can also improve your oral health. By aligning the teeth properly, gaps are kept to the optimum size, meaning teeth can be easy to clean while plaque, food and bacteria are harder to build up between them.

Choosing our team in Stourbridge

Our treatments are led by Dr Francesca Dash, an Invisalign dentist with decades of experience and countless successful cases. Dr Dash is an Invisalign Diamond Apex Provider – and the first UK woman to achieve the status in Europe. She rates in the top 1% for Invisalign braces. With credentials like these, it is easy to see why patients in and around Stourbridge choose Lion for their treatment.

Book a consultation today

We’d love to welcome you to our Stourbridge dental practice for an Invisalign consultation. Find out all there is to know about these clear braces, and whether they can successfully treat your dental concerns. Book with us today.

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