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'Oral Hygiene' Category Archives

How To Maintain A Healthy Smile On Holiday

Published by . Filed under Family Dentist, Family Dentist in Stourbridge, Good Oral Health, Lion Dental Centre, News, Oral Hygiene.

In the lead up to summer, many of us take extra care of our diet, spending habits, and exercise regime all in aid of that big summer holiday. Whether you’re boarding a plane to a warmer climate, or having a stay-cation somewhere in the UK, our holidays are a time for relaxing, having fun and […]


How often should I visit the dentist?

Published by . Filed under Good Oral Health, Lion Dental Centre, Oral Hygiene.

Dental hygiene is important. When you go for a check up, you might notice that your teeth look cleaner afterwards, but perhaps you don’t understand fully the vital role a hygienist plays in preventing gum disease and toothloss. Our hygienist here in Stourbridge has examined a lot of dental problems that could have been easily […]


Lion Dental – What do dentists do during a scale and polish?

Published by . Filed under Cosmetic Dentist, Family Dentist, Good Oral Health, NHS, Oral Hygiene.

A scale and polish at our Stourbridge dental practice is a simple, non-time-consuming and painless procedure that may be a little unpleasant for some patients, but can prevent you from serious health and dental problems in the future. People underestimate the importance of keeping their teeth healthy. According to a National Smile Month survey, a […]


Don’t leave home without it – your on-the-go oral hygiene kit for adult braces

Published by . Filed under Good Oral Health, Lion Dental Centre, Oral Hygiene.

If you’re considering adult braces or aligners, one thing to consider is that following a good oral hygiene routine will be more important than ever during your treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are popular with our adult patients because they are removable, meaning that you can brush and floss your teeth easily. Even so, brushing your […]